22 Others

“22 Others was designed to enlarge my sense of community, experiment with the collective unconscious while inviting others into my art making process. The resulting collaborative experiment began in 1971 with inviting 22 people to come to my studio discuss my work and then suggest a piece that they would like to see me produce. The intention was to meditate on their suggestions taking that energy and fusing it with my own to come up with a third energy that would generate the premise for each piece. This conceptual project was based in Jung’s construct of the collective unconscious, and was inspired by my 5 year participation in a Jungian seminar and my fascination with the possibilities inherent in the theory of the collective unconscious. The process produced a number of break through works for me that resulted in an exhibition titled 22 Others simultaneously held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Henri Gallery, Washington DC, 1973 ” –The Art of Mary Beth Edelson, pg.106, 2002

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