Mary Beth Edelson: Six Story Gathering Boxes (1972-2014)

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

with essay by curator Amy Smith-Stewart

Published in conjunction with The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum's 50th anniversary exhibition series. The seven exhibitions on view as part of their anniversary celebration will take place in three overlapping series: the first is a presentation of founder Larry Aldrich's historical collection which will take place in two parts, the second presents a group of new projects by contemporary artists whose work "reflects the continuing influence of both art and culture from teh 1960s and 70s, in juxtaposition with the historical works," the third features solo exhibitions of current work by established artists who were included in significant exhibitions during the Museum's first decade. Edelson's solo exhibition of six Story Gathering Boxes, falls into this third category, having exhibited the earliest of these boxes in an exhibition entitled "Contemporary Reflections" in 1973-1974.