Artist Contract

This contract is being collectively written by a group of international artists and art
workers for the benefit of artists, and may be tailored by you to your needs.

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WORKING TITLE OF ARTISTS' PROJECT________________________________

Artists' name________________________
Employer's name________________________

Employer's address, title, email, mobile and land phone numbers:
Artists' address, email, mobile, and land phone:

Artists' I.D. # ( social sec. personal #, etc.)_________________________________
Bank account no. to send payment (s) ___________________________________
Bank routing no. ____________________________
SWIFT: ______________________________________
IBAN: ________________________________________
If mailing a check, send to the following address: ________________________________________

1. ARTISTS CONTRACT (check all relevant categories of service provided by the artist):

  • Artist Residency____
  • Teaching____
  • Research___
  • Publications___
  • Writing___
  • Lectures____
  • Panels_____
  • Guest professorship____
  • Critiques____
  • Informal presentation____
  • Sponsorships corporate____private___government____
  • Collaboration with other artists____
  • Workshop projects____
  • Installations______
  • Performance____
  • Exhibition solo____group____
  • International Art Fairs_____ biennial____
  • Museum exhibitions solo_____ group____
  • Gallery representation____gallery exhibitions______
  • Non-profit exhibitions solo____ group______
  • Artists run galleries/ projects_________
  • Commission:____corporate___private____govermental____
  • Creative intellectual property___
  • Exploritory visit___
  • Mural_________
  • Collective project______
  • Community workshops and project____
  • Internet ______
  • Video______
  • Film_____
  • Sculpture_____
  • Painting_____
  • Photography____
  • Drawing____
  • Graphic design____
  • Print making____
  • Artists books____
  • Mixed media_____
  • Conceptual art____
  • Other_____

2. ______________________agrees to visit _______________________for the following listed dates:

3. For each of the following listed dates and times the artists has agree to provide the following services:

4. In return, the employer ________________________________________agrees to honor the following conditions:

5. Financial Obligations of the Employer

A. ____________payment in ______currency is to be received by wire transfer or a check in the account
listed above in advance of each service, for a total of ___________ for all services provided by the artist.

B. Additional services requested of the artist, but not listed in this contract, will be billed to
the employer seperatelly.

C. Prepaid travel tickets, appropriate and conveniently located lodging and a per diem that covers meals and local transportation are paid for by the employer. Telephone # at the residence is___________.
Please list travel information and lodging arrangements, and the amount of the per diem below

D. The following is a list of the artist's equipment and model #'s and special conditions. The employer makes arrangements to provide equipment compatible with the artist's equipment. The employer also provides tech support.

E. Upon arrival the artist requires pre-tested internet access for their computer with a printer in the same location compatible with artists equipment, and conveniently located. Preferable location for internet access should be discussed with the artist before arrival.

F. Insurance door to door of the art works is the responsibility of the employer who provides evidence and paperwork of the same to the artist. Insurance value of the art work is based on the wholesale price of the work. If a change of plans for the return of the work involves a different location the return shipment cost is shared between the employer and the entity at the new location.

G. Insurance that covers the artist while on the job is provided by the employer. (Called workmen's compensation in USA)

H. It is agreed that if the employer bares the production costs of the project and it is sold by the artist within a year of the completion of the project that the production costs will be reimbursed to the employer. If the production costs are greater than 50% of the selling price then the employer will be reimbursed by no greater than 50 % of the selling price. The employer will not be reimbursed more than the documented costs. For the production costs to be valid they must be revealed, with evidence of same, along with the over-all spent budget to the artist at the finish of the project. These costs cannot include the operating costs of the employer.

I. Media Coverage of the artist should be discussed with the artist at least two months before arrival to devise a stradegy for coverage. Pre-exhibition information and photographs requested from the artist should also be at least two months in advance of the exhibtion. Deadlines for sending out material to the press should be reviewed to ensure that press materials are sent out in a timely manner. Name and numbers of media/P.R. contact person(s)

J. The employer is responsible for quality documentation of the project including digital photos, a publication, and video when appropriate. A complete set of the documentation is to be delivered to the artist by the end of the project.

7. COPYRIGHT. It is understood that the artist retains all copyrights of the artists work including the work itself, photographs and any other media produced of the artists' work. Permission to document in any of the above formats should be received in writing from the artist. Use of the artist's images is limited to the promotion of their exhibition. If the employer wishes to use the artist's images for commercial purposes not directly related to the artists project refer to guidelines in #14. (Be aware that when the employer's photographer documents the exhibition they or their employer may claim copyright of these photographs unless other written agreements are made.)


8. A reception for the artist is to be scheduled soon after arrival so the artist can meet people, network and access a broader contact with the community.

9. An appropriately knowledgable contact person must be assigned to the artist for the entire period to provide support, information and other needs including before and after arrival. That person is responsible to follow up on artists needs by communicating them to appropriate persons in a timely manner with follow-ups and communication back to the artist on the resolution. Review with the head person and the artist should be periodic or upon request of the artist (for longer stays ).

10. Send out a press release announcing that the artist is in their area with information about the artists' project and schedule.

11. Arrange dates with art professionals for the artists, for example, curators, critcs, other artists, gallery people, university contacts, the media and ask the artist for their specific interests.

12. Inquire about what the artist would like to do in this particular community. When needed, provide support and facilitate making community contacts, and encouraging participation.

13. Provide the arists with the followng lists

A. Names , telephone and email numbers of all staff people
B. Provide a listing of holidays and other relevent scheduling to the artist
C. Provide a detailed listing of the artists schedule at your venue

14. In the event that ___________________________ should fail to fulfill conditions stated herein (such as various payments including travel and functioning equipment or last minute concelations), the employer is still obligated to pay the fees agreed to in this contract, but the artist is not obligated to fulfill the contract.

15. Requests by the institution, media and others to photograph, video tape or audio tape various services rendered by the artist requires written permission from the artist and is in exchange for a copy of the video on a disc, copy of selected photograph(s) on a disc and a copy of any audio tape along with written permission for the artist to use the same. Should the insitiution or others wish to use any of the above for commercial purposes then conditioned permission with remuneration in writing must be obtained from the artist.

16. Artistic priviledge. Given that this is a creative project, and that arrangements are offer far in advance, the artist has the right to a reasonable amount of flexibility with making changes within the project.

17. Artists discription of the project follows:

18. We, the undersigned, agree to and will honor the preceding conditions.

Employers name( printed) Artists' name(printed) date
___________________________________________________________ signature
Institution _____________________

Input to date from Mary Beth Edelson, Asa Sonasdottir, Yvette Brackman, Frederikke Hansen, Kirsten Forkert, Emma Reichert, Carl Lindh and Elena Tzotzi of Signal for preparing this contract.