The Art of Mary Beth Edelson

A virtual scrapbook of the feminism movement that adds to the historical record from the view point of an active participant includes: Timeline, conversations, essays and commentary.

Lavishly illustrated 200-page color book designed by the artist with fold-out, insert, hard cover limited edition and playful moving part, release date March 2002.

From the 70’s ritual performances to her brand of feminism in the new century, Mary Beth Edelson has been destabilizing pre-existing representation of women while imagining them anew. Whether in her version of the Last Supper in which Georgia O’Keeffe plays Christ or re-formatting images of the femme fatale of Hollywood films, Edelson never loses sight of what is at stake in her work: the construction, representation, and consumption of images of women.

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Soft cover: $30
ISBN: 0-9604650-6-5
Hard cover: $65
ISBN: 0-9604650-7-3
Signed limited edition of 200
books includes an art piece
with moving part and ribbon marker